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    Stocklot Carpets is a leading wholesaler of wall-to-wall carpeting, PVC-flooring and surging.

    Large-scale Stocklots
    Our buyers purchase large-scale stock lots, insurance and bankruptcy parcels, directly from the factories and retail trade. We can be of service to you with a warehouse stock that is the answer to the requirements of the market. With us, you can always choose from a wide range of durable and good quality carpet and PVC-flooring at exceptionally competitive prices.

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    The warehouse of Stocklot Carpets is centrally situated at an easily accessible location in Rijkevoort, The Netherlands. We supply retailers in the whole of Europe. For us, service is of prime importance and as client you notice that.

    Thanks to a perfectly settled-in team at harmony with each other and ample stocks, we can ensure that your products are delivered at high-speed.

  • Retail Support

    Stocklot Carpets offers you a selected total package, synchronized to the requirements of the most demanding consumer. Thanks to our knowledge of the market, we know where the divergent wishes of the users are to be found. An up-to-date collection at extremely cheap prices is the result.

    In addition we offer you extensive support in enticing your market.

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    Stocklot Carpets
    Central Warehouse

    Street: Veldweg 12
    ZIP: 5447 BH
    City: Rijkevoort
    Country: Netherlands

    E-mail: info@stocklotcarpets.com
    Website: www.stocklotcarpets.com

    Telephone: 0031 485 32 30 63
    Fax: 0031 485 32 28 56

    Download our digitale flyer(pdf)

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